a b o u t m e

Just a girl with a room full of BOOKS and a passion for MUSIC and TRAVEL.

Hi! My name is Jaed (pronounced as Jade but spelled as Jaed. Confusing right?). I’m from the Philippines and I love to read.

I started reading when I was in 6th grade. The very first book I read was Jinx (don’t ask me what’s it about cause I also don’t remember) but the books that got me INTO reading was the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. While everyone waited for their letters to Hogwarts I was waiting for my very own Grover to take me to Camp Half-Blood. (I still believe he lost his way somehow. 😅)

Reading for me was an escape from reality. The adventure and the thrill while reading is one of the best feelings anyone could have. You can be anywhere you want without spending any money.. all you need is a book and imagination. Trust me. This could take you anywhere. Either the past, the present or even the future. ​

Now let’s talk about genre.

If you asked me way back I would straight on answer YA romance books but now my all time favorite genres to read are Fantasy, Scifi, Historical and Mystery. My reading preference has changed so much over the years cause way back I would choose thinner books or standalone but now the bigger and longer the book is… the better.

My plan for this blog is to post reviews, tbr’s, wrap up’s, hauls and any other bookish content I could think of. This will also feature a few of my travel blogs which is another thing I really love and want to do more in the future.

For more bookish content you can follow my bookstagram at @wanderlustbibliophile 💜