Historical Romance Book Haul

So I just got 65 Historical Romance books for the month of June-July AND I am still waiting for 14 more. 😅 In my defense I already had a budget for all of this cause I wasn’t able to get anything during the BBW sale this year so I don’t feel guilty at all. (Also I got them for VERY cheap prices *cheaper than BBW*)

Historical Romance was actually my FIRST ever favorite genre. I was collecting a bunch of them when I was still in college (cause they sell them pretty cheap at Booksale) but as time passed I started to change as a reader and I ended up giving away majority of my HR books except for the ones by my favorite authors.

Recently I have been in a very Historical Romance mood since it was the easiest for me to get into and finish (also it helped me get off my reading slump) so I spontaneously joined last month’s HRReadathon. Then after watching a ton of videos from booktubers I suddenly felt the impulse to get ALL of the HR books.

I got all of this from Booksale, Facebook Marketplace, Carousel and Shopee for very affordable prices that ranges from Php25-Php100 ($.50-$1.99) which was a STEAL!

I’ll categorize them by the places or sites I got them from (also will include links for the stores in Carousel & Shopee) so without further ado here is my June & July Haul!

Booksale *Southmall Branch*

*Php25-Php75 ($.50-$1.49)*

Since the college days Booksale has been my go to store for very cheap HR books. The one in Southmall isn’t that big and I have been going there almost everyday so I kinda memorize everything they have there. 😅

Facebook Marketplace

This are from 3 different FB Marketplace seller

*Php50 ($0.99) each*

This stack is also from FB Marketplace but I got all of them from 1 seller. 19 books w/ 1 free for Php950 ($18)

I had such good luck finding old and new titles in Facebook Marketplace and I really need to stay away from it for now cause I just keep wanting to get everything I see.






I have had my Carousel account for years now and it finally got handy. You just need a ton of patience when looking for particular titles cause some are not categorized by author. I usually search “romance” or “historical romance”.



  • The Secret (Highlands’ Lairds #1) by Julie Garwood
  • Castles (Crown’s Spies #4) by Julie Garwood

Very self explanatory but other HR books are way expensive here than the rest I have mentioned so I don’t really browse here a lot.

And that is the end of my haul (for now). I am quite happy with everything I got and I was able to complete series I have read and loved way back. As of now I am currently in the process of building my Lorraine Heath, Stephanie Laurens and Suzanne Enoch collection since I have loved there books since before.

With this books being way shorter and lighter than what I usually read I have gotten to most of the ones I got last month and HOPEFULLY by the end of this month I have gotten to more than half of my haul. ✌️